Concrete Coatings

Transforming your garage into a living space has become a large trend.

If you are looking for a workshop, a man cave, or even something simple, we have your coating solution.

What it is?

Our Flake Coating is a resin type coating system that consists of a tinted epoxy base coat, vinyl chip flake broadcast, and a clear polyaspartic glaze.

Common applications:

Garage Floors
Basements Mechanic
Retail Stores
Industrial & Commercial

What Is involved?

1. Diamond grinding of the entire surface
2. Repair cracks and any spalling/deterioration
3. Tinted epoxy base coat 12-14 mil*
4. Flake broadcast of vinyl chip aggregate5. Clear polyaspartic glaze 10-12 mil

*1 mil=0.001 inches

Flooring Options

1 day system
  • Return to using your garage in just 48 hours.
  • Poly has flexible qualities to avoid cracking in our harsh winters.
  • Better chemical and heat resistance then traditional epoxy floors.
  • Does not yellow or fade over time.
  • With many colour options available, customers can order traditional colours or customize them for their project.
2 days system
  • Return to using your garage in 72 hours.
  • Economical option for floor coatings, while maintaining great finished look and lengthen the life of your concrete floors.
  • With many colour options available, customers can order traditional colours or customize them for their project.

Reglaze your Floor

You will be required to reglaze the Coating every 10-20 years depending on the traffic.
Keeping the surface clean, and free of road debris will help increase the life of your floor.  The cost of a reglaze is much less than the original finish, and will be applied at the same consistent thickness as originally installed.

What is the warranty?

Full flake systems installed by LARCOM Coatings come with a 10 year warranty.

Outdoor options available.

Are your stairs deteriorating or pitting?  Replacing your stairs can be costly, inquire today about protecting and coating your exterior stairs and walkways.


My garage floor is not in great shape, can you still fix it?

All cracks, chips and pitting will be fixed before coating is applied to floor.

Do you need any special cleaning supplies to clean the floor?

You do not. Poly floors are extremely easy to clean just soap and water with a mop or towel to get rid of spills.

If I scratch or gauge the coating can it be fixed?

Yes small repairs can be made on the floor without having to recoat the entire floor.

What determines the cost of getting your floor coated?

Concrete condition of the garage floor, square footage and if the pup walls require coating.

How far is your service area?

We are based out of Red Deer Alberta but service all of Central Alberta.

make your boring floor shine