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Why does concrete settle?

Concrete can settle over time. One of the primary reasons is our long, cold winters – the type we experience here in Red Deer and Central Alberta.
Frost continually forms and melts beneath the concrete causing slabs to heave, rise and pitch. Other contributing factors include water, expansive clay soils, erosion, traffic and poor preparation of the subgrade prior to the initial pour.

Unlevel or cracked concrete is unappealing, weaker than necessary and in some cases, dangerous. Damaged or uneven concrete can affect the value of your property! Such issues, if left unaddressed, could lead to even more expensive repairs down the road.
if my floor is settle

What are my options?


Is inexpensive yet unattractive and compromises the strength and integrity of the concrete.
Moreover, because the initial cause of the failure (sinking) has not been addressed, the slab may continue to sink or shift. Once ground, the slab can never again be raised to its original level.


Is the most expensive option. Time-consuming and labour intensive, replacement can be inconvenient for customers and homeowners alike.
It requires the breaking up and removal of the damaged or sunken concrete sections, site preparation, framing and re-pouring and preparation of the concrete.

Mudjacking or cementitious grouting

Is a process where a liquefied slurry – comprised of water, ash, topsoil, lime and cement – is hydraulically pumped beneath the slab to raise the level and close the gaps.
This method, when applied to a subgrade that has already settled, may lead to further settling.
Until recently, mudjacking has been the accepted method for concrete lifting and levelling and remains a widely accepted form of restoration. Times have changed, and today, concrete lifting foam is fast becoming the preferred approach to concrete repair. Though mudjacking and concrete lifting foam produce similar results, the process and extended performance of the two products are vastly different. Red Deer now has a better alternative!

There's a new and better option available!

Raising and Stabilizing Polyurethane Foam is a revolutionary method to lift sunken or damaged concrete. A small hole is drilled through the slab and into the subgrade below.

A connector is installed in the hole, injection equipment is attached, and dual component polyurethane is pumped under the slab.

Expansion begins within 10 to 15 seconds compressing loose soils and raising the slab. An operator monitors the “raise” and injects foam as required ensuring a perfect lift and level result. The process eliminates the need to drill large holes into the slab which detracts from the appearance of the concrete.
Polyurethane concrete lifting only requires a 5/8” hole as opposed to mudjacking which requires a 2 ½” hole. The foam weighs a fraction of materials used with traditional mudjacking or cementitious grouting. This lightweight foam puts less stress on an already failed subgrade. This innovative process of concrete lifting is fast and inexpensive when compared with concrete replacement. Unlike traditional approaches, sections that have been repaired can be utilized within minutes and clean-up is quick and easy. This approach to concrete lifting, leveling and repair is ideal for commercial and residential applications. Contact Larcom Concrete Lifting, Red Deer, for more information.

Polyeurethane Concrete Raising vs. Mudjacking / Cementitious Grouting

Polyurethane concrete lifting consists of injecting an environmentally safe liquid polymer foam through small holes in the concrete and into the loose, unstable subgrade beneath.
Through a simple chemical reaction, the high-density foam expands to stabilize the subgrade and lifting the fallen concrete. In as little as 15 minutes, the polyurethane material is fully cured, and the affected section is ready to return to service.
The polyurethane weighs only a fraction of materials used with traditional concrete repair and is inert, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The foam compound used in this innovated method of concrete lifting is impervious to moisture or decay and will remain stable for a lifetime.

When it comes to concrete lifting, customers in Central Alberta are discovering that polyurethane foam jacking is a better option – better for the environment, better for your pocketbook – better all around.

Extend the life of your concrete at a fraction of what you’d spend on replacement.

Why choose Polyurethane Foam Jacking from Larcom?

When you compare the advantages of polyurethane foam concrete levelling over more traditional methods of concrete repair, the decision is simple! Let’s look at some of the benefits:
No need for demolition
No landscape, yard or lot repairs
No removal or disposal of old and broken concrete
Same-day use with a curing time of around 15-minutes
And most importantly, a saving of time, effort and money!

Advantages of Polyeurethane Foam Jacking


Polyurethane cures as a solid, impermeable structure which adheres to concrete and is not prone to fracture or failure.

Subgrade Stabilization

Polyurethane is injected as a liquid and mixes with the loosely, uncompacted subgrade to solidify and form a stable base.

Better esthetics

Unlike traditional mudjacking, polyurethane foam jacking uses controlled injections in small sites to lift and level your concrete quickly and effectively.


Polyurethane weighs a fraction of heavier, more traditional materials.

Minimal Downtime

Polyurethane cures within minutes, with your concrete issues corrected and your surfaces ready to use again once we leave the job!

Protection from mother nature

Our environmentally friendly solution creates a roadblock against moisture, insects, erosion and rodents.


Before replacing your concrete... contact us, we can fix it